Trust is one of the foundation blocks of a relationship. It is a building block that can easily be destroyed or removed or tampered with.

Trust is built gradually over time to become very strong. It can be given freely upfront by some, but sometimes to years to be firmly established.

Trust can be roded with affairs, both emotional and physical.

In present day, with the predominance of texting, email, facebook, and other forms of social media, trust can easily be put into question. It can be a slight, through spoken word, glance, text, or email to another person that begins the erosion of trust.

Behaviors that seem innocent to the offending party often begin the process of questioning the entire relationship.

The loss of trust is sometimes based on the unfounded fears or accusations of an already jealous or injured partner. If the loss of trust is experienced in childhood as betrayal, it can sometimes be projected onto a partner without any current reality that would normally incur feelings of betrayal. These situations are best remedied by individual and couples therapy for all parties involved.

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